Types Of Facebook Ads

Facebook has evolved drastically over the years ever since its inception, and so have its advertising methodologies. Facebook marketing has made paid promotion more customized and effective as per the business requirements There is a type of ad available for whatever your campaign objective might be.

Domain ad

The simplest of campaigns on Facebook, this ad is meant to increase a website’s exposure to the Facebook audience by redirecting the users to a dedicated landing webpage. It consists of a title, a short write-up and an external link to a website.

Page post link ad

The most common Facebook ad, it is ideal for promoting your website across social media. These ads aim at grabbing the attention of users through a big image on the ad layout. These ads have an added benefit of generating likes and getting comments on your webpage which further increases its viewership.

Multi product (carousal) ad

Carousal is an ad format that is useful for e-commerce websites that are looking for promoting multiple products through a single ad campaign. This ad type can feature up to five product links at a time, each with its respective image, title and URL.

Page like ads

A considerably newer variety of Facebook ad, it can be displayed across both the channels of desktop as well as mobile. These ads display a call-to-action and allure the customers to like the page instantly. An attractive picture is essential to getting a widespread response from the relevant audience.

Page post photo ads

If you are looking for an engagement with your page followers and fans, a page post photo ad is your best pick. This ad offers the maximum space for displaying a picture, and a right one at that, is sure to get you hundred of likes and comments.

Page post video ads

A more refined version of the previous kind, this particular ad helps you post a video instead of a picture and is more lucrative in terms of getting the right audience.

Lead ads

These ads are specifically targeted at generating more leads for a business. As opposed to the other types of Facebook ads, a lead ad does not require you to leave Facebook to fill out the online form. These ads are great at acquiring new customer’s email address quickly and are available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Facebook marketing has boomed tremendously in the past few years and keeps on growing every day. Through proper research and analysis, you can zero-in on the ad type most suitable for your business and its promotion.

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Choosing Best Available Digital Marketing Channel for a Business

Direct or indirect methods of accessing the target audiences are used in the traditional method of marketing services, products and brands. These methods are quite straight-forward and clear-cut and you simply have to invest funds, perform some focused actions and get the outputs.

Recent years have seen drastic changes in the marketing and landscape business. Traditional marketing methods may have been effective earlier but may not work as well in the present market scenario where Internet offers a vast array of opportunities.

So, it is crucial that your business and brand maintains and establishes a powerful presence on the web so that it is competitive enough for reaching out to the targeted users.

In current scenarios, traditional marketing principles may not apply quite well. But there are many online marketing tools available. Which tools should be most preferred and should be focused on primarily so that you get closer to achieving your organization goals? The reply will depend on the type of customers you intend to target and the type of business owned by you. Check out some of these digital marketing channels that are quite popular in the recent times.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Most of the people on Internet are well-acquainted with search engines and are making use of them to search for any information they want to be aware of. Statistics say that about 93 percent of great online experiences happen to all those users who initiate the process by using search engines. People take help of a search engine to seek information about services, products and brands. Search Engine Optimization involves many activities including off and on-page optimization, organic link building, creation of linkable assets and keyword research.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising

These are paid advertising channels that can lead to high traffic of targeted potential customers within a brief time. However, this channel is dependent on the extent of your willingness to invest in making ad placements and bidding and the amount you are ready to pay for the acquisition of one customer. The extent of you PPC ads’ effectiveness will depend on how well the keywords have been selected to target potential online customers and optimize the contextual and visual information in your advertisements.

Email marketing

Every time a business has to perform any type of marketing strategy such as lead generation, they have to gather contact details such as email addresses and contact numbers from their potential consumers. The activities also include seeking their permissions so that updates and other data can be sent to them through emails. This is one of the most effective and simple digital marketing channels and can give a huge return on investment to the business. You can hire the services of a digital agency Singapore to take care of your marketing requirements

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